AirShip Azure

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Welcome To AirShip Azure an airship drifting through the clouds, built to be comfy and perfect to hang with friends!

Base File Size 54.44

Link to preview World -


  • Pool, Table Pong, Spin the bottle, Spin the wheel!
  • 10 Picture frames for you to put pictures in!
  • A relaxing drift through the clouds with friends!
  • Performance Toggles
  • Rights to upload publicly (do not delete credits if uploaded publicly)
  • Sorted hierarchy for easy editing
  • Custom Chill Sounds UI, for all your vibing needs
  • Light Dimming / Night Mode
  • TONS of post processing options to pick from!
  • A completely custom beautiful UI system
  • Pens!

This is the world files for the VRCWorld Airship Azure! Easy open, setup and upload!

1. Download Zipped world file and unzipp (if multiple files unzip all together at the same time) (DO NOT MAKE A NEW UNITY PROJECT)
2. Make sure you have the latest (vrchat) unity installed (2019.4.3.31f1)
3. Go to unity hub and click "Open" (or to the creator companion)
4. Navigate to the unzipped world file, and select it (unity should start opening the project)
5. AND THATS IT! You can click publish right away on the unity SDK, or edit what you'd like!

Beemo - Edumacation!
Sopra - UI Post Processing Menu
- Spin the Bottle
- Pool Table
Pens - z3y
Mochie - Standard world shader
orels - Cloud Shader

Video by Lavy -

World Lighting is Baked with Bakery, not unitys default engine, if you want to re-bake you can use either but for it to look as good you need bakery ^^

If you upload the world publicly you aren't allowed to delete the base map credits (will say do not delete)

All files in this world should not be redistributed or reused in any other projects (excluding base uploads in vrchat, Neos, Chilloutvr) (THIS MEANS, not taking models, textures or ANY other assets from this world to use else where on any project that isn't identifiable as the base files with out express permission from me.)

(DONT SHARE THESE FILES WITH ANYONE!!!!) (It'll make me really sad) (can upload publicly tho)

Thank you so much for checking out my map! ^^

I want this!

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AirShip Azure

21 ratings
I want this!